Monday, October 18, 2010

Interview: El Da Sensei For We'

Man, this is a real treat...Growing up one of my all-time av. groups was The Artifacts. Tame and El were one of the most underrated duo's that the 90's ever knew and they always came correct. Even though the two disbanded and are doing their solo thing's a lot more these days I try and keep up with them both. El has remained busy and just recently dropped a new album with The Returners; one of Europe's (and America's for that matter) premier beatmaking tandem's.

In a new interview with We''s Lokei, El talks his new album "GT2- Nu World", his feelings on the rap world of today, his top 5 emcees all-time and re-connecting with Tame among other things...


We'veGoTheJazz: You’ve been in the industry for at least 16 years now. In another 10 years from now, in 2020, where do you see El Da Sensei?

El Da Sensei: I better be sitting back like Russell Simmons with a fat belly and I better be talking about my label and my company. I got plans when I am sitting back in 2020.

WGTJ: Where do you see Hip Hop?

El: I would hope to see Hip hop growing and growing. We all know it’s the dominant music right now; probably not as much as it has been in the last few years, but you know it isn’t going anywhere. It can only move forward.

WGTJ: Your quick Top 5 Emcees? No order of course.

El: Pharoahe Monche, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, and two you probably wouldn’t expect me to say….. Special Ed and Chub Rock.

Read the full interview here

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