Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Video: Banksy's Simpsons Opening Sequence

This is important for a lot of reasons...I'll quickly name 3:

1) Because consciousness has been so glaringly absent from any and all forms of mainstream entertainment...The Simpsons has some balls puttin big corporations like Fox on blast, and more ppl should follow suit.

2) b/c Banksy has always strived to get ppl to think, even just ironically many X's, when they look at his graffiti or street art and that is the sign not of just some rando tagger, but rather, a true artist and visionary--two things this new generation needs badly.

3) ...and finally b/c too many of us love our cheap products, T-Shirts and brand name items, but rarely do we ever think about the HUMANS that are basically slaves who are mis-treated and horribly underpaid who are forced to toil day in and day out to create, manufacture, process and package them.


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