Monday, October 4, 2010

Video: Remo The Rapstar's Shoe Collection

I done seen some shoe collections in my day and more often than not it's always either super paid dudes or straight up nerds that got the illest collections, but this time out we get a dose of  a collection that I can identify with more in terms of how it's utilized. What I mean is that for awhile cats that just had a naturally strong shoe game filled with just joints they like sort have become extinct and over looked by these super collectors that just go out and cop every new release and lock em' away in boxes, never wearing em'.

Enter in Remo The Rapstar, a dude I actually remember from a mixtape or two back in the, it's not so much Remo's rhymes as it is his kicks that we're interested in....

Man has a strong shoe game, blessed with a deep bench of Jordan 6's and Nike Foamposites that will make you drool...had a lot of dope AF1's too...most admirable part of it all is that it appears this man actually wears his kicks...good shit...


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