Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slaine - The Devil Never Dies

Beantown representative, recent movie actor and all around hardcore rhyme wrecker Slaine has a new treat for all of his fans that ever since they heard him stealing the show on those La Coka Nostra outings have been clamoring for more from him....

Now Slaine is hitting us with "The Devil Never Dies"; a brand spankin new mixtape chalk full of exclusive material that features not only Mr. Carroll, but also JaysaunIll Bill, Esoteric, Reks, and Blacastan, as well as some great production assists courtesy of MoSS, Statik Selektah, and newcomer Silvamore.

Slaine had some real stand-up shit to say about this tape...peep it out:

“I spent thousands of hours creating ‘A World With No Skies’. I want it to be a vivid picture of my dreams, nightmares, and psyche. I refuse to compromise my vision for a project that means so much to me,” commented Slaine. “I have recently had some success in a way that unexpectedly put a mainstream light on me. I could give a fuck less about that kind of attention. What I do give a fuck about is maintaining the integrity of my album, so I have had to deal with sample clearance issues which caused it to be delayed until early 2011. In the meantime while I rework the album, I am giving you my new mixtape ‘The Devil Never Dies’ for free. At the end of the day fans dont give a shit about red tape nor should they, and I wanted to put out new music now. I locked myself in my studio for two weeks and this is what I came out with.”
Word.The.Fuck.Up....this guy has guts and a work ethic...not a shabby actor niether....kinda like how rappers used to be in the 90's...well, minus the decent actor part....


Slaine - The Devil Never Dies 

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