Saturday, October 2, 2010

Interview: Buckwild and Celph Titled For HipHopDx

Case you've been sleepin', Tampa MC and long time Demigod/AOTP member affiliate Celph Titled is preparing to do something truly dope....He's finna release an entire LP produced by/with Buckwild (of D.I.T.C.) beats that were never released and recorded between 1994 and 1995...ha! That is absolutely ill...

Before they drop "Nineteen Ninety Now" on Oct. 26th, the two men that will undoubtedly give us the illest 4th qtr. release of 2010 sat down with HipHopDx to talk details...dig in!


HipHopDX: With so much music readily available nowadays, projects don’t necessarily get worked to their full potential, would you agree?

Celph Titled: Yeah, back in the day you would wait and then sit around and listen to an album for months until the next one. But now every day, you go to the blogs and you just keep scrolling and scrolling. It’s like fast food nowadays, and it’s hard to make something stick but it’s easier for anyone to flood the Internet with whatever they want, if they pay for it or however they do it.

Buckwild: I think when you have so much accessibility for people to put music out, [that] the lower you put the bar creatively, the more people you are going to invite into the Hip Hop party. When we first started it was all about credibility and being the best. Once you take away the unwritten laws of Hip Hop, you are left with nothing. If you look at a guy like 50 [Cent], 50 is a dope artist, a dope songwriter, but some cats looks at him like, "He got shot nine times and I got shot one more time than he did, so if he can do it, I can do it." You have to have talent and now we have a lot of people who hustle and have no talent and a lot of people who have talent but don’t hustle. The people who do have the talent are not willing to get up and do the groundwork, so it comes back to wackness.

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