Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aasim & DJ Self - The Money Pit pt. 2

Yeah, most of you might not realize this, but ya man, D O used to be a surefire mixtape head...I was checkin for every and any new artist to come out back in the mid 2K's, and while I must admit I probably was just chasing my tail most of the time, once in awhile I did stumble upon somethin pretty worthwhile.

Case in point, Aasim; once a sterling example of how Bad Boy might be able to come back legitimately and be a force in the game. Unfortunately, like most of the really dope talent that swings by Diddy's presence, if you have any chance of eclipsing his talent or fame, in all likelihood he's gonna leave you dwindling somewhere to rot. I first discovered Aasm on the mixtape circuit, straight bodying every appearance he had...Diddy's presence was kept limited and so that was a great plus as well. Aasim had all the goods needed to be a great emcee; a strong flow, mic presence, hardcore yet conscious lyrics...and after all why wouldn't he, he'd been schooled in songwriting by some of the best ever in the game, including the late, great Big Pun.

Fast forward to today and Aasim has re-emerged along w/ DJ Self with a new offering of music he's been working on. "The Money Pit pt. 2" is by no means on par with the first "Money Pit" mixtape/album that dropped nearly 6 years back, but it does give you that old Aasim in spurts...


Aasim & DJ Self - The Money Pit Pt. 2

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