Monday, October 25, 2010

Cover Art: JR & PH7 - The Update

This album will be a monster 4th quarter release...belee that!

If you've been sleepin', you're prolly like "WTF D O just say? He must be buggin again"...No muthafucka, you been sleepin on two of the illest new beatmakers in Hip-Hop and they're about to wake that ass up on Nov. 9th when they drop their sophomore (yes, the 2nd) LP "The Update" on ya dome piece via SoulSpazm Records .

The features, the music, the hot buttered fucking soul contained in this record will snap necks....Respect to JR & PH7 man..


1 comment:

Jaz said...

Dope cover and I have go back and listen to their other material now, thanks Big D O.