Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Single: The Left - Scared

The Detroit trio that's currently got the underground buzzing ferociously for their debut record AKA The Left is gonna make need to get acquainted....

Apollo Brown, rapper Journalist 103 (pictured top), and DJ Soko (pictured bottom) take all three of their considerable talent fields and combine them to form a strong 3 pronged attack that any purist surely will instantly become enamored with.

I have no doubt that these cats will release a dynamite LP ("Gas Mask") on Oct. 26th that will turn heads and open ears...The evidence is found in their initial single "Scared"; a gloriously produced, well rapped and precision cut record that simply slaps...Looks like Apollo will mos def. continue on with the string of dope releases in the 20 dime...He's on my short list for producer of the year, but Shhhhhh, don't tell nobody.


The Left - Scared

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