Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Del The Funkee Homosapien - Dark Streets, A Lifetime Of Funkiness

The good fellas over at threw together a pretty solid mix of Del's best stuff that he's dropped over a stellar 18+ yr. career entrenched in Cali's underground circuit. Now as good as this mix is, and it is very good, it still don't cover everything that I would consider essential Deltron 3030 listening.....While it does contain a healthy few samplings of joints from his classic debut "I Wish My Brother George Was Here" and many of his dope follow ups, i.e. "No Need For Alarm", "Future Development", "Both Sides Of The Brain" and even his most recent effort "Eleventh Hour" from last year, in all truth it barely scratches the surface of a Cali Indie legend.

LOL, surprisingly this mix does take a lot of it's cues from Del's official "Best Of: The Elektra Years" LP that dropped in 04'; a telltale sign that the person(s) putting the mix together are somewhat novices to the man's music....that's aaight though, that was a hell of a release as well, and some of those joints on it are considered widely as his all-time "can't miss" efforts....many staunch Del Heads will no doubt take offense to the un-originality of not coming up with a more original mix though....

Sorry if I come off as a Hip-Hop/Del Snob, it's just that his career holds a special place in my heart because it was my older sister who was living in the bay area (Oakland) at the time, who put me on to his music and passed me one of his mixtapes back in 1996 or so....Since then I followed everything he dropped and appeared on. Shieeet, I became an avid supporter of the whole Hiero crew as well....I'm still pissed off that I lost my 3rd Eye logo shirt so many years back....loved that shirt.....

At any rate, if your a newbie to Del's music be sure to peep this out, contains all of his progressions and phases....from when he was sampling Parliament Funk records real heavy to when he was doin' that good ole' boom bap to the modern days on Def Jux where's he's bending and stretching the genre's's all covered well on here, but real Del heads beware, nothing on this mix digs too too deep...


1. Intro
2. Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo
3. Wrong Place
4. Pissin On Your Steps
5. Your In Shambles
6. Raw Sewage
7. BMs
8. Burnt
9. Catch A Bad One
10. DR. Bombay
11. Phoney Phranchise
12. Eye Examination
13. Funkyhomosapien
14. Lyric Licking
15. Hold Your Hand
16. Mistadobalina (Remix)
17. No Need For Alarm
18. Same Ol' Thing
19. Style Police
20. Offspring feat. El-P
21. The undisputed Champs feat. Q-Tip & Pep Love
22. Wack Emcee's
23. Who Got The Fall
24. BooBoo Heads
25. Sunny Meadowz

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