Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kero One - Early Believers

Reppin' San Francisco, the rapper/producer/DJ/label owner known as Kero One is the picture of indie success and heady underground music. One of my favorite indie/underground producers at the moment, Kero has been around for awhile now and four years ago dropped the unforgettable "Windmills Of The Soul" LP that really showcased a handful of his considerable musical talents, including rhyming, sound engineering and playing live instruments. Having kept busy since Windmills by touring all over the globe, Kero has setteled in and has now released "Early Believers", his official sophmore release in 2009. A dope record, filled with all types of music and sounds from Brazilian percussion, Disco, Jazz loops and synth's, this eclectic mix and meld of genre's is just what the Independent fan ordered.....Be sure to peep the Ohmega Watts feature....


1. Welcome To The Bay
2. When the Sunshine Comes (feat. Ben Westbeech)
3. Keep Pushin’
4. Let’s Just Be Friends (feat. Tuomo)
5. Bossa Soundcheck
6. Love and Happiness (feat. Tuomo)
7. Stay on the Grind (feat. Ohmega Watts)
8. A Song for Sabrina
9. This Life Ain’t Mine
10. I Never Thought That We
11. Goodbye Forever (feat. Ben Westbeech)
12. On and On

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