Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tommy Tee Presents 3 The Hard Way The EP Movement

The pride of Oslo Norway, Tommy Tee has long been impressing me with his production skills, Managerial know-how and commitment to recording and releasing quality music....Over the years he's recorded with some of the best names in American Hip-Hop as well as spearheading the culture in his own country and across Europe as well....

This EP is actually made up of a three EP series that Tee released separately, each highlighting a different area, i.e. NYC, Norway and Sweden (Sthlm)....

A wonderful tri-pack full of ill music all of which produced by Tee himself, these EP's are a can't miss for anyone wishing to see how well the foreign grasp is on what America used to embrace as real Hip-Hop....

The Swede's and Norwegians make a good showing but the real story here is the NYC EP (tracks 2,3,4, & 5), that finds some of our favorite New Yiddy emcee's from the late 90's kicking crazy shit over Tee's lofty sure to peep out JoJo Pellegrino and The Ghost goin back and forth on "Holy Shrine" as well as Lord Tariq's riveting "Flashback".....


01. Jesse Jones, Ken Ring and Saigon - Drabant 03:21
02. Lord Tariq - Flashback 04:37
03. G Dep, Tash and The Loudmouf Choir - Go Gold 03:43
04. Smif N Wessun and The Loudmouf Choir - Headbanger 03:50
05. Styles P and Jojo Pellegrino - Holy Shrine 03:14
06. Critical and Son of Light - Two Much 03:43
07. The Loudmouf Choir - Everybody Knows 03:23
08. Lazee and A-Lee - Tick (We Go Off) 03:12
09. Son of Light - Off That 02:59
10. Gatas Parlament - Ut Õ Spraye 04:09
11. Sam E - Boom! 03:21
12. Madcon, Timbuktu and Chords - That Ain’t My Style 03:45
13. Ken Ring - Varf°r 04:22
14. Lazee - Who’s That Lazee 03:05

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