Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hhhead & Musical Schizophrenia Present.. - The Best Of Jazz Liberatorz

We have a great "Best Of" compilation here courtesy of two of the finer Hip-Hop sites out there dedicated to the french production trio known throughout the blogosphere and their native country France as The Jazz Liberatorz.

Take the time to get to know DJ Damage, Dusty, and Madhi a lil' better through this well selected and well thought out compilation of their best stuff to date...You'll find most of the Liberatorz best cuts ever on this dynamic mix as the good people over at HHhead and Musical Schizophrenia pretty much run the gamut of the Liberatorz best material. If your a fan of Jazzy beats and true musical output/collaboration, grab this....It won't disappoint, don't sleep kids....



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