Saturday, April 11, 2009

News: Nore Is A New Father

On this past Thursday morning, God's favorite Nore AKA Victor Santiago was blessed with the birth of his brand new son....LOL, The super thug made sure to Twitter the whole experience, peep it out:

7:50 am - I'm happy nervous hype and scared my girl having contractions headed 2 hospital now!!!!

8:28 am - I heard of fainting n emergency room I was gonna faint n the crib tho shit

~9:00 am - I twitters from the waiting room bitch I'm acting gangsta but Im really ass n these places LOL!!

~9:00 am - I smell like banana kush it's kinda embarassing!!! And I got a misel Philly rolled up

~9:00 am - i actually never went thru this from beginning 2 end. its kinda scary and I smell like a ton of weed!! shit!!!

~11:00 am - Back n labor and delivery right now mad shock

~2:00 pm - I'm outside hospital smoking a big blunt

~2:00 pm - I'm bout 2 have the baby let's blast out clean and dirty of shoulders move!!!!

~3:00 pm - Here comes the moment of truth the doctor is here

~3:00 pm - Nore's having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We on the Mac holding him down! Go get his new single off S.O.R.E.- "Shoulders Move"-

~4:00 pm - The doctor fingered her yoo what the fuck!!!!

~5:00 pm - I'm so glad I'm not a women never again will I go 2 labor it's a boyeeeee!!!! Y'all

~5:00 pm - I will never go I'm the same room were a baby being born again n my life

~7:00 pm - Felt wierd nurse washing my son and pull his joint back holy moly

~10:00 pm - Finally home long fucking day and night smoking a blunt then going 2 sleep

~9:00 am (Friday, April 10) - Had a baby boyee yesterday!!! The nore Nigga happy!!!

~9:00 am - He looks like a Cuban version of me shit!!!! LOL

lol.....Nore is that dude....Congrats to him!!


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