Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video: Sav killz Mini Documentary

Ever wonder what it's like growing up wild in the Brooklyn streets, reforming yaself through 5% mythology, running with some of the Wu-Tang clansmen, turning to the rap game and becoming one of the best new hardcore emcees back east? Of course you did...

Courtesy of DJ J-Ronin and his All Elements imprint, we have an official mini doc on the life and rise of Sav Killz, one of the more promising pen movers to emerge from back east in recent memory.

Pretty interesting footage here...some dope insight throughout from Sav himself as well as studio footage with Large Professor, The Alchemist and Planet Asia really power this awesome and intimate look at Sav's rise through this often arduous pursuit of Hip-Hop notoriety. Directed by Rood.



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