Thursday, January 6, 2011

News: Kev Brown Re-Releases Commentary Vol. 1 & 2

Yo beat freaks, if you really wanna get ya zen-like vibe on and hear a true master of the trade speak on the process that is beakmaking and such, you need to peep the re-releases of "Commentary Vol.1 & 2" from Low Budget crew repper and double threat talent Kev Brown.

Originally done back in the early 2K's, Kev had the sterling idea to release some quasi-albums where he would play some beats directly outta his MPC and then wax poetic about how he made them and even share some stories here and there...

Now the original 2 volumes of the "Commentary" series have been re-released via bandcamp where you can hear and purchase them both.

This is a really dope contribution to the culture...go peep these out and then buy em'...


Kev Brown - Commentary Vol. 1

Kev Brown - Commentary Vol. 2

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Brainstormlive said...

wow that's a great news.Kev really release Commentary 1 & 2?
I heard his songs.He is really Fantastic in the world.Thanks for sharing this news.
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