Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video: DJ Shag ft. Blame One, Jimmy Powers, Sojourn, Kaus & Anti Citizens - Technology

Man, this is truly an amazing video, not just because the actual song is dope, but because of the sheer amazement I have for the "Technology" that was utilized to create what we're seeing/hearing....

The beat and video were both made on a iPhone people...yes, an iPhone..lol...that, to me, being a product of the reel to reel, ADAT era is simply amazing...We livin in an age where things that used to cost in upwards of $10,000 dollars now is at one's finger tips...

Rise along as all the emcee's included drop some pretty nice verses that all pertain to technology and it's modern day application in Hip-Hop...this is great stuff, hats off to west coast deejay DJ Shag who put this wonderment all together


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