Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Single: Killer Mike - Burn

We need revolution now more than ever....Let's make it happen while we play this in the background.

This is the type of Hip-Hop we need flooding the airwaves...but nope, they'd neva let that happen...I mean heaven forbid that the youth actually start paying attention to artists that have something to say about the rampant distress and mis-treatment within urban and minority communities.  

Tune in to the underground as Mike Bigga Killer Mike teaches you the lessons you should be focusing on while you over here watching bullshit like Basketball Wives....Grow up and realize who and what you are kiddies...

This stems from Mike's new one, "Pl3dge", which should be out around March...

Link via TheSmokingSection


Killer Mike - Burn (prod. by Sweatbox)

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