Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video: Bobbito Interviews Q-Unique

A Kool Bob Love beat exists??? What??

One of the Latin rappers I've respected for years, Q-Unique, and the Latino five-tool artist, journo, writer, deejay, and former pro ball player in PR, Bobbito Garcia, that I've chosen to pattern myself after decided it was a good time to sit down and have a conversation.

Sitting down and chopping it up about everything from Q's below the radar talent for production to how Bobbito used to let him come to his pad and dig through samples, Annnnd how Q is actually in possession of a Bobbito Garcia beat, this is a great and highly natural interview. Man, going back to that possible Bobbito beat tho, we gotta hear that somehow...Q, if you readin this...liberate that to the net for the rest of us nerds man...I know it's dope...

Also featured: a few words about Fat Beats (R.I.P.) and Q's new album "Between Heaven And Hell", which is available now.