Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RJD2 - The Glow Remixes

RJD2 put out a new album titled "The Colossus" earlier this year  back in 2010 and it was a helluva instrumental and singin' experience...One of the cuts, "Glow" was remixed by a bunch of folks hoping to catch RJ's ear's and this new and free EP is the result...

here's the info straight from RJ himself:

The first track comes from the Chicago heavyweight DJ Duo Flosstradamus. They give the original a dancefloor-friendly makeover. Next up is the Paolo Palazzo remix. Paolo was the winner of The Glow remix contest – the public overwhelmingly voted for his futuristic flip with the super insane bass line! Lastly is a remix by a young buck, Candy Panther. This kid’s demo was slick enough to land him a spot on the single, with a smooth, laid back mid-tempo club remix. All in all, many bases get covered here, so check ‘em out. Enjoy!
Dig in and remember to keep an eye on RJD2 this year as well...*cough* "Insane Warrior" album *cough*


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