Saturday, January 1, 2011

Single: Self Scientific ft. Freddie Gibbs & Krondon - Peaceful (Justice For Oscar)

I hate to barge in on ya New Year's kiddies, but uh, yeah, we got some shit to speak on....

2 years ago on this very date a 28-yr-old BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) officer named Johanes Mehserle fatally wounded 22-yr-old Oscar Juliuss Grant III while he was defenseless and face down on a transit platform. After having removed Grant and some of his friends from the stopped train after some complaints that some rowdy ppl were fighting, Mehserle and his partner accosted and struck Grant, pinned him and his friends to the floor and then for some reason, Mehserle hauled off and shot him in the back with his .40 caliber service weapon...a wound that would kill Grant less than 8 hours later.

Despite contentions on the part of Mehserle and BART that Grant and his friends were resisting arrest and being unruly, most of the witnesses to the shooting didn't corroborate that depiction, which was also captured on video by several of the horrified onlookers. In the aftermath  residents of Oakland as well as Grant's family protested and even organized several peaceful demonstrations to voice their outrage at what was plainly the slaying of an innocent life.

BART officially stated that what happened was merely "a tragic accident" and subsequently accepted no responsibility for Grant's killing. A trial ensued and Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and gun enhancement, yet during sentencing the judge overturned the latter charge and only required that he serve 2 years. Mehserle is officially eligible for release this month.

If your as outraged by this whole fiasco as I was/am than you need to pay close attention as some of the best emcees out west in Chace Infinite, Freddie Gibbs and Krondon break down this modern atrocity that occurred on OUR watch...

Here are some words from Chace himself about what this joint is meant to convey:

We feel as though the injustice that was displayed with the Oscar Grant trial, is another example of brutality, handed out by the so-called law in America. Even in today’s seemingly relaxed social environment, where a Blackman is the literal face of the nation, we are forced to deal with blatant abuse of power, by local and federal “authorities”. We have been desensitized, and have come to a point where we expect the injustice to continue, yet collectively, we do nothing. We are ALL guilty. . .guilty of allowing our brothers and sisters to be continually treated like something less than human. The current generation spends countless hours online, typing useless banter about people’s personal lives, and listening to music that barely addresses the issues that effect us. If we ain’t gon tear this muthafucka up, we at least have to say something. . .”He Says Tazer , We Say Murder”. . . FUCK THE POLICE.
I couldn't agree's 2011 folks...time to wake up and start caring about things that really, truly matter and fighting for our civil and human rights. R.I.P. Oscar Grant and yes, fuck the BART police


Self-Scientific ft. Freddie Gibbs & Krondon - Peaceful (Justice For Oscar)

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