Thursday, January 6, 2011

Single: Freeway - The Cncpts

There are few rappers out there that are so genuinely dope like this man is...Freeway been that deal ppl, and he's still on his job makin ill music that even the staunchest purist and most mainstream cats will all feel...

Here Freeway blesses Frank The Butcher and Statik Selektah's new mixtape "Concept: Selektions" with a track called "The Cncpts" and yeah, this is proper. Free still has that wondrously dexterous flow and signature voice that reels you in almost instantly...

As far as that mixtape that Frank and Statik are cooking up, it's definitely shaping up to be a monster, probably one of the best of the new year thus far...The whole concept of it (no pun intended) is explained below:

Frank The Butcher & Statik Selektah have joined forces on “Concepts: Selektions”. This mixtape is inspired by seminal classic 90′s mixtapes like DJ Doo Wop’s “Live 95″ & Tony Touch’s “50 MCs”. Frank The Butcher worked with Statik on “selecting” some of his most classic beats and revisiting them with new emcees and new lyrics. The tape features veterans like DJ Doo Wop, Dj Clark Kent, Freeway, and Consequence– underground favorites like Detroit’s Black Milk and La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill– while also featuring lyricists like Curt@!n$, Willie The Kid, Termanology, Maffew Ragazino Sr., Ro Spit — and more– all featured over Statik Selektah production.
Man, I can't wait..and yo, on the real some of you other mixtape DJ's need to take note...the blueprint was laid by guys like Doo Wop, now ya'll need to heed it a lil' bit more.


Freeway - The Cncpts

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