Thursday, January 13, 2011

Single: 2Mex ft. Prince Po - What You Know About (SULLified Remix)

I was up on the original version of this joint early when 2Mex dropped their new album "My Fanbase Will Destroy you"....soon as I seen 2Mex was collabin' with Prince Po, it was over, I had to swoop it.

I gotta say 2Mex is somewhat of an acquired taste as far as underground rap acts go...not everyone is gonna dig him for the simple fact that his music usually is drastically different from most of the stuff you hear going on right now, as well as densely lyrical.

Personally, I'm happy I stepped outta my comfort zone years ago and discovered they're (I got up on the music when they were known as Of Mexican Descent and Xolo was apart of the group) unique brand of southern Cali meets conscious meets rapid streams of thought being

Anywho, this remix is particularly good IMO, b/c it totally gives the song a brand new in the original version's laid back and soulful feel for a far more manic and electro vibe, this is a true remix in every sense of the word, hats off to SULLified ...


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