Sunday, January 16, 2011

News: Michael Rapaport Comments On Possible Rift W/ Q-Tip Over ATCQ Documentary

The last time we checked in on the drama unfolding around the impending release of the upcoming (I think) ATCQ documentary and it's director Michael Rapaport, things seemed more than a lil' bit frosty between him and Tribe front man Q-Tip...As Tip put it, he didn't like the project's "direction"...

Today Rapaport had a chance to sort of expound on where those comments might have stemmed from with MTV and his ideas about that are more than a lil' bit telling...

Michael Rapaport:

“I think the reason he did his little Twitter thing was because when he realized that the movie was coming to completion and going to get seen by people,” Rapaport said. “I can’t really speak for him but I think he got a little nervous. He’s a very protective of the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest and the movie is a very honest depiction of my time with them and the information that I was given in interviews and content.”

Rapaport knows how to play chess...we'll leave it at that...but I would bet money he thinks twice about puttin the Documentary out w/o making some eleventh hour edits though...sheeeit, don't fool yaself, Q-Tip ain't the one and he's got lawyers too. My main question is however, what "direction" did ole' Remy Rapaport take the film that Tip wasn't too fond of? Some intimate testimonials from fellow disgruntled groupmates? Surely Tip had to of seen that comin'...Some clowning sessions attacking his acting? What? Maybe it'd just be better if he let the shit come out. I mean what Hip-hop head hasn't wondered about what exactly the inner turmoil within ATCQ was all about? Stay tuned kiddies.


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