Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Single: Donny Goines - The Loudest Silence (Disco D Tribute)

It's now been 4 some odd years since we've lost producer, DJ and all around character Disco D to suicide....

When Disco passed it was an utterly sobering moment for so many involved in the Hip-Hop game from Detroit to NY, and while a lil' bit of time has helped heal a few of the wounds, many are still reeling with the pain of not having the funny and wildly talented boardsman around...

Today, emcee Donny Goines lets loose a warm and proper tribute to his old friend, 11 days before the anniversary of his death..well done Donny...and great job with the acompanying statements as well...

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Donny Goines - The Loudest Silence (Disco D Tribute)

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