Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: Ubiquitous - Canadian Bakin' Promo

Newcomer Ubiquitous blesses us with a dope promo that features an all too familiar style that 90's heads will hear and instantly perk up...even if they did just troop through the snow to hunt for records.

Ubiquitous is obviously a true school student of the artform, although he's a product of our northern neighbor, the Canadian boardsman makes music that sounds like he's been cooped up in some hole in the wall tenement on the lower Eastside.

As for his upcoming release "Canadian Bakin'", that I'm sure will be loaded with nugs just like the ones we heard in this vid, they're may be plans to release it on cassette, which if in fact he does do, I def. need me a copy! Wouldn't that be ill if artists started droppin shit on tapes again? Rhymefest already did it last year, let's make this a trend folks!!

Video shot by Chadwick Burgess and Brett Lindzen.


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