Sunday, January 30, 2011

News: Immortal Technique Comments On The Unrest In Egypt

By now, I hope, god willing most of you are aware of the outright revolution that's being helmed in the Pharaoh's land, mostly by young, jobless people...while I personally smell a rat (a covert American involvement rat) I know a lot of people globally are thrilled at the prospect of Egyptians ousting Mubarak and  possibly inserting some form of Democratic government. It's important that we as Americans take note of what's happening in North Africa and the middle east right now...In good time, I'm confident it will come into play with our world soon enough.

I'mma let Tech tell it tho...


Immortal Technique:

The people of Egypt have been crying out for their freedom for years. In response the tyrannical regime of Mubarak has disappeared, tortured and murdered any opposition to it’s rule. He did this with the support of the US, the UK, Israel who he blockaded Gaza for, and many others. As a dictator he destroyed the concept of human rights in full view of the same people that cry about China & Cuba while ignoring Colombia, El Salvador & did so in Afghanistan during the time of the Taliban until after 9/11.
He (Mubarak) played a key role in the foreign policy of the West and so was allowed to NOT receive the same amount of criticism for it as the dictators that have been given a pass by this and especially previous administrations. But he is not Ben-Ali and he has a stronger hold on that government that any of these so called “Prince’s of The Middle East.” He didn’t get his crown from Daddy. He built his laurels with the bones of political dissidents over the course of a 30 year reign. Remember that this in itself complicates the situation heavily. It is not as easy as just blaming the US or England or Israel although their role in his regime merits investigation. It calls for serious soul searching in the Middle Eastern and North African world about the way in which governments are allowed to exist. It is not a piece of blame that can just be passed on.
That said. The people of Egypt will not see true freedom from Mubarak simply appointing a new government, freedom can never be given to a person, it must be taken from an oppressor. A Revolution must be organic, it cannot be brought to you by Coca-Cola or come with back door deal for natural resources after the celebration is complete. I pray that day comes for Egypt. I am tired of writing long drawn out historical dissertations about the politics behind current events, so I’m not going to this time. We all see this unfolding, and even though the internet there was shut down for a while the resourceful people of Egypt started to funnel information out. The images are now all over the world.

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