Friday, January 28, 2011

Video: Meyhem Lauren ft. Shaz Illyork & Action Bronson - Glacierz

These days only a select few rap outfits could successfully make ya average around the way bodega into a live ass video...The Outdoorsmen are one such collective...

This vid is actually Meyhem Lauren's, but I figured I'd throw The Outdoorsmen some love as well..."Glacierz" is what any hardcore rap fan wants man...gritty beat, raw bars...and imagery that focuses more so on backing up an overall aura rather than creating a false so many rapper dudes do today...I wish we could get back to the time when emcees was cats just like us; ya know, fellas that stayed around the way, shopped at the same mall as you, wore the same kicks as you and yes, hit up the store on the corner for whatever, just like you...


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