Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bambu - Paper Cuts EP

In much of the same spirit and fashion as the man who's post is above this one, L.A.'s foremost Filipino MC, AKA Bambu drops his dope new digital EP "Paper Cuts" for all of us to hear and marvel at...The main difference between this project and Scudda's is that while Joe opted to let us get up on his latest material for free, Bambu is taking the more capitalist route and asking a mere $7 bones for the stellar work...

I want all of you to know that at that price your getting a steal...Especially if your a L.A. Hip-Hop head and seeking out stuff from the new faces out west that are making some righteous noise.

Filled with great production, Bambu's visual lyrics and some sick assists that come in the form of L.A. heavyweights like Chace Infinite of Self Scientific, Diz Gibran, Malcolm & Martin and one of the Hip-Hop world's other most notable Filipino MC's; Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars, this 8 track EP is just downright impressive...

Not to be lost to the ever burgeoning digital-only format, Bambu is also rightfully making this release available in a hard copy version as well..visit his Beatrock label bandcamp site below to give up them 7 can preview and listen to the whole album streaming, but it's on you to drop the dough to make it apart of your music collection permanently...

Reward good music and support the artists kids!


<a href="">Paper Thin (with Chace Infinite of Self Scientific) by BEATROCK MUSIC</a>

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