Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's On TV?: HBO's How To Make It In America

Since I consider myself somewhat of a amateur TV critic and since I'm elated that HBO finally is putting out a new series that has a bit of the the same spark that their past programming triumphs like The Wire and The Sopranos did, I had to spread the word about my new favorite TV series How To Make It In America.

Okay, so like all things that I end up liking, at first I thought this shit was gonna be weak and dismissed it as simply "the new show with the Kid Cudder guy on it". Then I actually sat down and watched it...I was completely taken with the storyline, cast and music scoring which is rich with dope Hip-Hop and boasts the illest opening theme on TV.

Most of the show centers around two friends named Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk) and Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg) who are hustling through their late twenties trying to come up on their dreams via street smarts and a never say die attitude....Sound like a familiar scenario anyone? Cam is a freewheeling Latino risk taker who's imprudence and naivety is the right balance for Ben, a Jewish kid who's steely, brooding demeanor sometimes impedes his progress. Together they've re-barrowed more loot from Cam's venomous uncle Rene (Luis Guzman); a local loan shark fresh out of prison with his own ambitions, to start their surefire ticket to fortune: A line of designer denim jeans called 'Crisp'. There's just one problem...they know absolutely nothing about the denim or fashion industry. Along with assists from their well-connected and equally ardent friends Domingo (Kid Cudi) and Gingy (Shannyn Sossamon) the pair embarks on their future.

The show is a great testament to the non-stop grind that it takes to make your dreams reality in this country, and you find yourself enjoying the ride waiting around and watching things develop as NYC subcultures clash at dizzying paces.

Do yaself a solid and tune in on Sundays @ 10PM people..6 more episodes left


Watch Episode 2 of How To Make It In America Here

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