Friday, February 26, 2010

Counterstrike UnKut Dot Com Mixtape Hosted BY Doo Wop

As previously promised today we get for free the official mixtape presented by

Here's what Robbie had to say:

If you’d told me that I’d be dropping a tape with DJ Doo Wop that featured exclusive tracks from some of New York’s finest back when I started Unkut Dot Com six years ago, I would have told you to stop smoking that shit. I’ve been through some ups and downs over that time, but Unkut has always held me down regardless. This is a small token of my appreciation to everyone who has supported and stuck by the site and kept things moving.

So far I've heard a mix of what to expect on here from fellow bloggers...for the most part it's free and I'm in the mood for that so I'm should do the same...


Counterstrike Mixtape Un-Mixed Version

Counterstrike Mixtape

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