Saturday, February 20, 2010

Single: DJ Khaled ft. Nas & John Legend - Victory

Before you go crazy and spit out ya latte or McCafe or whatever you sippin' on this morning just know that this likely will be the only time I ever post anything to do with Khaled or his hot wack juice that he refers to as "music"...

However, I been a fan of Nasir's for a minute, and despite some looming troubles that clearly illustrate his new found penchant for doing idiot shit every now and again (who doesn't?) I can't deny homie's magnetic rhyme skills, even at this depleted stage in his career...Congruently, I must also say while I've never bought nan' one of his albums, I don't mind it at all when I stroll into a spot and hear some John Legend bumpin'. He may be a cereal un-manly man, but hey, he sings his ass off and actually has a lot of dope opinions about a lot of things away from music...modern day Luther? Maybe...

Get down to the MI-Yayo gets single of the weekend status kids!


DJ Khaled ft. Nas & John Legend - Victory

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