Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic The Mixtape

This weekend has been beautiful in terms of dope mixtape material coming from out west...To wrap things up this Sunday evening we got the brand new collaboration tape between Cypress Hill member Eric Bobo and World Famous Beat Junkie DJ Rhettmatic...

This is no ordinary Hip-Hop mixtape kids...Combining his long perfected Latin Conga skills with Rhett's equally fabled turntablism, the two L.A. artists who are far and away known mostly for their Hip-Hop chops create a new genre all on their own.

They've been doing a lot of shows in Cali, but now it's time to get the word out and what better way to do that than by taking their mesmerizing live set and turning it into a mixtape for 2DopeBoyz to distribute 100% free online?

I can't begin to describe the creativity, improvisation and timing that goes into what Rhettmatic and Bobo are doing...for some visuals peep this video that interviews both men and shows them performing live together @ Fat Beats L.A.

Take a listen to the whole tape streaming below or DL right away, but make sure you at least do one!


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