Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cover Art: Counterstrike: The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape

In this bloggin' shit there's a few cats that I admire and then there's a few cats that helped pave the way for PHH and whom without them doing what they do, I likely would have lil' idea in large part, how to do what I do on here...Robbie of is definitely apart of the latter...

Once again proving why he's on the forefront of Hip-Hop blogging and why he doesn't have to make posts like a meth addict to reel in viewers for his site, Robbie has got an official mixtape in the works to celebrate the 6th year of existence of his truly dope online publication...

It basically features every hardcore NYC lyricist that most of even the best connected DJ's around the 718 couldn't get up with to drop a verse...from old reliable names like Craig G, Prospect, Capone, Killa Sha (RIP) and Kool G Rap to newer New Giddy acts like Meyhem Lauren, The Closers, Nut-Rageous and The Doppelgangaz, I'm anticipating this more than another Dick Cheney heart attack...As if the lineup isn't nuts enough, the tape is hosted by none other than the bouncemasta himself, Doo Wop. Suddenly I have a suspicion about how all the guest spots were

"Counterstrike" drops for free on Friday over @ Unkut and if you'd like you can check out one single that's already been liberated from the tape; the Capone and Lord Nez laced "Gangsta/Gangsta".