Sunday, February 21, 2010

Single: Floyd The Locsmif - 2Tokes4DillaDawg

I've been slippin majorly on my Dilla Month responsibilities and I wholeheartedly apologize for that PHHer's...Today however I've got some retribution planned...

Floyd The Locsmif is a Georgia producer that unlike many of his peers (and I use that term loosely) isn't exaggerating the bounce in his music, autotuning some of his vocals over the chorus and could care less about radio play. He's a guy that makes dope beats and has been steady on the rise for some time...Like many a heady producer, this month is near and dear to his heart I'm sure, due to the fact that it is dedicated to one of the greatest to ever bang his digits against some MPC pads; our beloved James Dewitt Yancey AKA J Dilla.

To show his appreciation and pay tribute Floyd has created and let loose a brand new beat that if you didn't know he'd passed on, you might've sworn was a new Donut direct from Jay Dee himself...


Floyd The Locsmif-2Tokes4DillaDawg by Locsmif

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Anonymous said...

I'm eager 2 hear this joint! not now, but RIGHT NOW! unfortunately no sound on comp's @ work...but dude, i'm nowhere near Georgia & that bounce didn't go unnoticed up in MD, my dude that's 4 sure! My folks passed a cd off 2 me that was labeled outkast remixes a while ago & just so happened 2 b mostly ATLiens!!!
That album got me through high school, along with It Was Written & Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...& I must say Locsmif certainly got Swing, cause there wasn't a joint on that Outkast remixes joint I wasn't fuckn' with!