Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jay Electronica's Unreleased Beaterator Instrumental

We all know that Jay Elec-Hannukah is arguably the most talented new MC/songwriter/producer and Erykah Badu impregnater to come around in the past three years (big emphasis on the "MC" portion of that statement) still, even those that have the proverbial "career fire" goin' strong aren't impervious to catching a few airborne embers.

As some of you may remember awhile back I was putting up vids of a few different artists who crafted some instrumentals on the new Beaterator for PSP production we get a new addition to that whole campaign by Rockstar, minus the video and well, a decent beat.

The offspring of Rockstar collaborating with (super?) producer Timbaland got tested out by Jay several months back at the Rockstar Games Beaterator Lounge and for some reason today they decided to release the beat that Jay took a grand total of 5 minutes to make on their website in an obvious coat tail riding moment.

It was probably somethin Jay thought would never get out there and was just messin' around doin', so he's gotta be halfway amused that so many people care about the shit he throws away.

Damn the information age...

spotted over at the similarly named Prohiphop


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