Thursday, February 25, 2010

Video: "Nine"

If your a 90's head than you can't and shouldn't forget the gruff voiced, hardcore cat outta the Bronx that went by the name/number Nine; a monikor that references his born date (9/19/1969). He basically set the stage for guys like DMX and was a true example of an artist that had his niche and stuck to it well.

With Connections to Funkmaster Flex he was able to drop two albums in 95' and 96' on Profile Records and Arista Records that birthed jams like "Whutcha Want?" and "Redrum"...Unfortunately by the late 90's he'd all but vanished off the scene...or so we thought...

He's resurfaced recently with promises of 2 new albums and a new company...In this clip we get to see and hear some of his inflections (and borderline hilarious adlibs) and thoughts on the game today.


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