Monday, April 19, 2010

Video: Asterix Making Beats And Giving Tour Of Studio

Hey, I keep my Jazz records on the bottom shelf too!

L.A. (Carson) based beatmaker Asterix takes some random accordion sample and flips it pretty nicely here after he gives the record source it came from a lil' bit of treatment...Like all good beatmakers do he then pushes forward and works on a bunch of different stuff til' he finds something that strikes him right. He even shows ya'll the oft-overlooked technique of sampling off VHS tapes and through a VCR, something that all ya fav. producers do because, well, a lot of old movie soundtracks are usually laced w/ dope sounds...

All of this goes down on his very fresh lookin custom MPC 2K XL...

Cool studio, tons of dope lil' knick knacks and collectibles littered throughout...Respect!


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