Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video: 30 For 30 No Crossover: The Allen Iverson Story

A couple days back ESPN debuted one of their "30 For 30" films that featured the life story of embattled ex-NBA player Allen Iverson. I watched as it debuted, and was thoroughly pleased with the film, that actually delved more so into the events surrounding A.I.'s life in 1992 and 1993 when he was convicted and served time for a brawl that took place in a bowling alley in his native Hampton, VA.

Told through the eyes of Steve James; a fellow native of Hampton who also directed the landmark documentary "Hoop Dreams", we get a stirring re-telling of just how huge of a discrepancy there was in the judicial system for Iverson and his friends, and how A.I.'s life as a legendary Georgetown Hoya and NBA icon may of never happened had it not been for some of Hampton's activists who refused to let him get railroaded.

Take the hour or so of your time and look at this, it explores the racial divides that still exist in Hampton to this day and eloquently displays the true complexity that is Allen "Bubba Chuck" Iverson.


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