Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Single: Digital Underground - Sittin On The Hits

No lie, my older brother (who works handling security for a hotel round the way) once got into it with Shock G....

I guess the incident popped off because Humpty Hump was tryin' to live up to his name in the middle of one of the hotel's hallways, while people was still walkin' around. Inevitably my brother was called to intervene.....when he approached Shock and asked him WTF he was doin' and why he was doin it in the hallway the reason he received in return was "cause' he lost his door key"...

My brother told me Shock and the female he was trying to nail exhibitionist steez were wasted beyond any measurable means and apparently even tried getting buck for a moment. Despite the highly combustible circumstances, eventually things were resolved and Shock calmed down, returning to his room (or he was kicked out, I can't remember). My brother wasn't angry about the incident looking back on it and always recalls it while fighting back laughter.

And that's BIG D O's 6 degree's of separation story w/ Digital Underground...

Here's the Underground's latest single off their upcoming "Greenlight" album that is going to be their "last" official release and comprised of unreleased material out of their vaults...As always this sounds like a fun, party startin' typa track.


Digital Underground - Sittin On The Hits

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Lil Dee said...

I aint nheard digital underground in so damn long... thx

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