Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview: Amanda Diva For Above Ground Magazine

Oh how we should appreciate people like Amanda Diva more in Hip-Hop...

Check out this new interview with the talented femcee and vocalist, conducted by my fellow AboveGroundMagazine staffer DmackMasterice which also includes a forward written by yours truly, I know, I know, I'm a total glory hound, LOL. Great interview, peep it out.


AGM: For your latest release, Spandex, Rhymes, &Soul, it was cleverly labeled as “Hiptronic Soul”. How do you, as an artist, fuse so many genres together and still remain hip hop?

Amanda Diva: My music comes from the soul of a hip hop head so intrinsically it’s gonna have that essence. Though I express through all types of music, hip hop is my first language so it’s always gonna accent anything I do.

AGM: Speaking of Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul you have a song on the EP called “It Ain’t Real” exposing the fake and phony substance you see in the media. Why do you feel like it is important to expose all the BS you hear and see today?

AD: Because with the internet and the barrage of reality shows I feel like there has become an acute obsession with fame and celebrity. Folks want to live vicariously through those who are or they want the fame/celebrity for themselves. But that is all smoke and mirrors and based on such shallowness. I urge people to search for their work to gain acclaim rather than for folks to simply know their name. Integrity is being replaced with celebrity and we wonder why kids can’t read.

Read the full interview here

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