Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video: Tanya Morgan - Bang Boogie

New vid from one of my fav. new group's, off their album "Brooklynati", that registered as one of my favorites (and best) of last year.

Many might mistake Donwill, Llyas and Von Pea as a bunch of stiff underground oddballs that spend most of their time discussing tech gadgets and web surfing, but if you did you'd be mistaken..."Bang Boogie" was one of the more get up and move typa tracks on the album and now it's gettin the video treatment and the TM bruthas handled that well.

As evidenced by the females in the vid (Especially the one in the grey spandex) they know how to have fun and they like all the same shit we do...

Lawd the bubble on ole' girl make me wanna,


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