Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Singles: Madlib - Static Invazion & Episode XVI

For his 5th "Madlib Medicine Show" mixtape release Madlib reaches into his vaults and un-earths some of his earliest works...

"Static Invazion" and "Episode XVI" are two beats that Lib' has included on "The History of the Loop Digga"; a wild ride of music that explores a fictional comic book rapper's vengance toward Po-lice...All of the music contained on the project are from Lib's 90's catalog and feature his beat tape explorations from that era as well as his 1st jaunts into the Quasimoto character and his old crew Crate Diggas Palace...

The CD and wax will be available at Stones Throw, and if you'd like, you can peep snippets of the entire 34 track mix here


Madlib - Static Invazion

Madlib - Episode XVI

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