Thursday, April 22, 2010

Single: Necro - asBESTos

Brooklyn's Jewish Death rap king Ron Braunstein Necro is back and has unleashed a brand new single in anticipation for his new (and forbiddingly titled) album "Die!"...

"asBESTos" is a familiar sound from Necro, albeit a bit over the top; (a Lady Gaga diss? LOL) I know real live Necro-maniacs will love it...Myself personally, I've always dug Necro's production and will be peeping the album solely for that element...I must admit though, when it comes to turning things like a deadly toxin that kills thousands of people every year into brutal music, Necro stay flippin' it nicely.

Stop by ya local record store or iTunes on May 18th and get deaded..."Die!"


Necro - asBESTos

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