Thursday, April 22, 2010

Single: Jay Electronica - A Million In The Morning

You ever wonder how badly freaked out you'd become if you tried to stay awake for 123 hours straight doing nothing but watching movies? Well if you do, I suggest that you go peep out the new indie flick A Million In The Morning...It follows 8 brave souls as they try to break the Guiness world record for non-stop movie watching that would entail them to stay wide awake for 123 hrs and peep at least 57 movies--no drugs of any kind allowed to aid them. Holy

Hip-Hop artist Jay Electronica was tapped to give his take on the weirded out shit that happens when sleep depravation occurs, and does so in a big way...

props to the illest bloggette out there, Janaki of The Leak On AboveGroundMagazine on the linkage...


Jay Electronica - A Million In The Morning

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