Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Game - The R.E.D. Room Mixtape Hosted by DJ Skee

Finally here...

After a bunch of pushbacks all you L.A. heads and supporters of Chuck Taylor are getting his latest effort "The R.E.D. Room".

Hosted by one of the city of angel's better mixtape personalities in DJ Skee, you'll be guided through the current world of Jayceon Taylor; a relatively young, Compton MC in the music industry that at times shows genuine flashes of greatness and at other times seems more regressive and immature.

Game aims to shake those mis-conceptions and prove that he is in fact the new hope for the new west right before he releases a very important 4th solo LP; "The R.E.D. Album" (if anyone actually knows what the acronym for "R.E.D." is holla, lol). Along for the ride are some big names in Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell, some huge ego's in Diddy, Fabolous and Birdman and some able producers in Scoop Deville, DJ Toomp, Cool & Dre and Just Blaze...It sounds like a witches brew of mayhem, but depending on how you view it, that may be a good thing.


Game - The R.E.D. Room Mixtape Hosted by DJ Skee

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The Kool Skool said...

AAAAAH missed it! Overloaded! Game is sick! Check out our family today and every Tues. Night 10pm - 12pm G.M.T. on Bang 103.6fm. Online links on page:
Peace D O