Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Interview: Tasha Denham (Solar's Baby Mother & Guru's Former Personal Assistant) For HipHopDX

The evidence against Solar's bunk ass continues to mount...

Today, Jake Paine of HipHopDX published his eyebrow raising Q&A with Guru's former personal assistant Tasha Denham, who also doubled as the mother of Solar's child...

Ms. Denham speaks on quite a bit regarding Guru's relationship w/ "The Super Producer" (LOL..), making allegations thar Solar verbally and physically abused the late rapper as well as convinced him that his former Gangstarr partner and producer; DJ Premier set him up years ago in Queens to be mugged...


DX: It's a weird question to ask, but I know that what you're telling me a lot on pre-2006 is based entirely on what you've heard, but it's an important question to the Hip Hop community, in the wake of last Tuesday's letter - do you know the context from that Ownerz Tour of the relationship that Solar and DJ Premier may have had with each other? A lot of people believe that Premo has been [attacked by these words Solar may have written in the letter]. A lot of people are curious to know if Solar would have any motive.

Tasha Denham: Um...I do know that there were at least some tensions. I wasn't there, obviously, so I can't say to what extent. But I do know that there was some tensions. I can't say that anything Solar had against Premier had to be one specific incident. Just watching, over the time that I spent with them, Solar had such a twisted sense of how important [his own role] was to the music game. I think there was an extensive amount of jealousy towards what Premier had already created in the music industry. I can't speak that there was one specific incident that created that animosity between them.

Read the full interview here

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