Sunday, April 25, 2010

Single: Game - Slangin Game (prod. by Scoop Deville)

Okay....okay.... Game I see you...

1st, all props due to the young Latino producer Scoop Deville, the son of west coast Hip-Hop legend Kid Frost, as he continues to hit off some of the game's largest names with bankable tracks that contain that signature L.A. sound, updated for a new generation...I mean, damn, how ill is it to hear a joint with Eazy on the chorus? Straight L.A. steez baby!

2nd, I think "Slangin Game" is by far Scoop's best beat placement yet and one of Game's better joints in a loooooooong ass minute...If Jayceon is smart he won't let this be the last joint he does with Scoop.

3rd, I ask all of you PHHer's the most pressing question of the moment; is this enough to make you check for Chuck Taylor again on Monday when he drops his new mixtape "R.E.D. Room"?


Game - Slangin Game (prod. by Scoop Deville)

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