Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News: Freddie Foxx, QuestLove, Miss Info & Gangstarr Fans Question Guru Farewell Letter's Authenticity

It comes as no surprise that given prior incidents where Solar's handling of Guru's affairs was highly questionable and outright suspect that many of Guru's longtime friends and associates as well as hoards of Gangstarr fans have come out and publically stated that the portion of Guru's supposed farewell letter where he lambasts and cuts ties w/ former partner and Deejay, DJ Premier are smelling a lil' bit like bullshit...

Freddie Foxx (via Twitter): Its An Insult that Websites Would Post A Letter From A man who Has Been In A Coma since Feb. R U Serious? Do ur Homework, Journalist! Please

Questlove (via Twitter): only Solaar i wanna hear w/Guru is the remix Primo did from france's MC Solaar back in 92 when he KILT (flipped) miles' "So What" whogotit?

Miss Info (via Twitter): Just confused. If Solar wrote this letter in Guru's name to push agenda, it does Guru's legacy a disservice (and their friendship too).

....In all fairness and despite my own suspicions on the matter, I will go ahead and post Solar's rebuttle to the allegations that continue to fly in his direction:

"I mean, it's ridiculous...Guru knew this time would come. The great artist he is, us being intelligent people, we knew there was going to have to be a statement relating to this. Unfortunately, there are those who have the wicked agenda, and just can't accept that Guru and I have handled this thing as men and not children, and this is how men of honor handle their business. He arranged his press release. I'm the repository of Guru's life story. I recorded his life story for book and for movies. We're not foolish. He was diagnosed with cancer well over a year ago. It's been operations and so forth. It would be ridiculous for him to not be prepared."

Formulate your own judgements as you may, but as someone that's been around the industry a bit, seen how some people get down to further themselves in it and understands full well the money that is to be made when it comes to estates and legacy's I gotta call it like I see it...Solar, you know damn well Guru wasn't writing all that at the time of his death and you also know full well that it would've been a lot, A LOT more cordial to hold off for a minute before you started mentioning shit like book and movie deals...SMH..


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Anonymous said...

Fuck Solar the toy. If he was really Guru's man he wouldn't be pulling this kind of shit. Solar ain't nothing but a weasel