Monday, April 19, 2010

Single: Black Rob - NewYork

Spanish Harlem's finest lets off another ode to the big rotten apple...

Haven't seen or heard much from rob since he caught that grand larceny beef that stemmed from a heist gone wrong in 04', but as recently as last year we've been hearing rumors that he's prepping a new mixtape, that may or may not be titled "Game Tested & Street Approved"....Can't say for sure if we'll ever get that, but I'm happy Banco is still out there making real NY music.


Black Rob - New York


The Kool Skool said...

Yeah man legend! Star In The Hood is one of the best songs in the last 5 years! I was supposed to do an interview with him then he got locked up about a week before! Thanks for putting this up!

BIG D O said...

no prop SKool! preciate you checkin in fams!

yeah, Rob knows how to make good music...just a bit of a street guy...hope he stay straight this time out...