Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun

Hip-Hop has always lended itself to souls who marched to the beat of a different drum. In this culture the zanier your personality and the more outlandish you can be the better, so long as you can rhyme. Once upon a time the landscape was much richer with authentically quirky folks who spoke their minds and broke down artistic barriers. Today we mostly just have a bunch of people that run around trying to do, say and wear whatever they can for the sake of shock value and notoriety. Gone are names like Old Dirty Bastard and Professor X, men who could intrigue as much as they could entertain and were undoubtedly gifted with the ability to make you think about the music they laid down. The dismal tide of things points to their era almost completely being over, but as 2010 begins to really get it’s feet wet along comes an emcee who reminds you a bit of how diverse our poets once were. His name is Homeboy Sandman.

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